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Ground Zero GZDSP 4.60ISO




Ground Zero 4-kanavainen vahvistin

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Tuotemallitarkenne SOUND UPGRADE
Technical data Technical data

- 4-channel ISO Plug & Play amplifier with integrated signal processor (DSP)
- For vehicles with ISO connectors (without active OEM sound system)
- 4-channel high-level input (via ISO harness with auto-on function)
- 4-channel line output (RCA)
- AUX input (RCA)
- TOSLINK input (sampling rate up to 24-bit/96kHz)
- Plug for optional wireless interface (for music streaming)
- 8-channel signal processor (DSP) - Cirrus Logic single core 32-bit/192 kHz
- Realtime setup of all functions (via PC)
- Simple handling one-page graphical user interface (Windows compatible)
- Channel separated parametric equalizer (6x 31 band / 2x 11band)
- Channel separated time alignment (0-15 ms / 0-510 cm)
- Adjustable crossover (HPF / LPF / BPF) in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Selectable crossover slope (6 to 48 dB/Oct)
- Selectable phase shift for each channel (0˚ or 180°)
- Memory for 10 user presets (selectable with optional remote control)
- Two optional remote control available (one with LED display or one with LCD color display with touch screen to adjust main and subwoofer level, select one of the presets and the input mode
- Power and status indicator (protection circuit)
- High temperature / short circuit / overload protection circuit)

Type ISO DSP Amplifier
Output Power @ 4 Ohm (CEA*) 4 x 40 W
Output Power @ 2 Ohm (CEA*) 4 x 50 W
Bridge mode @ 2 Ohm (CEA* / 10% THD) 4 x 60 W
Lowpass DSP
Highpass DSP
Bandpass DSP
Subsonic DSP
Bassboost DSP
Phaseshift DSP
Bass remote Optional
High Level in 4 Channel
Line Out 4 Channel
Dimensions cm 18,5 x 4,2 x 13,2